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  Company history
  Corporate Structure
  Service Base Triptis
  Age characteristics
  The loading platform and the curtain-type trailer
  Container chassis
  Industrial truck semi trailer
  Low-floor trailers
  Other types of trailers

Corporate Structure

Fliegl the group of companies operating throughout the European market.
In addition, there are business relations with countries outside the EU Africa, South America, etc..

Töging the management of the entire European market for agricultural machinery sector.
Agrocentrs Kastl marketing agricultural machinery and vehicle components.
Commercial vehicle sales and construction are going to fully Triptis.

Abda Hungary is a place which is maintained and tapped Eastern Europe, as Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Barcelona, Spain is the place from which they served and implemented the entire Western European market, as Spain, Portugal, France, England, Ireland and Scandinavia brought, as well as vehicle construction sector.



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