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Service Base Triptis


With more than 236 employees Thueringia we strive every day to its customers to develop optimal vehicles. The company consistently pursues a strategy Fliegl alongside standard vehicles also offer special commercial vehicles transporting type. That almost everyone starts with a good training for our employees. As an educational enterprise, we draw great attention to appropriate training for our apprentices. To the extent possible, our trainees are then also recruited. Company's internal further education and training ensures that each employee can be optimally trained and able to contribute to a high-quality vehicles.

Also, the design, we put emphasis on the best equipment. High-quality Computer-Aided Design (CAD) equipment, vehicles, construction engineers and designers work hand in hand with the staff to always find the best solutions for our customers. The vast knowledge with our clients' practical experience, we will be glad to take into consideration when developing new vehicles, giving the company Fliegl as one of the few full logistics and forwarding industry service providers within the range of possibility to produce almost any vehicle, from the single-axle trailers up to 60 t low platform trailers.

II The new plant has sufficient capacity to quickly and economically produce a large batch. Simultaneously, the vehicle manufacturing plant in an individual I will allow everyone concerned to produce the individual requirements of the appropriate vehicle - it is an important plus company Fliegl, because most of its competitors such as the possibility to offer.

Both national and international level are expanded production outlets. 2006. was successfully introduced such services as'24h service 'and' Service Plus', and in the future they will be further expanded. Also, the vehicles' technical progress is constantly reviewed and adapted to market requirements.

Our incentive is our customers' requirements. It does not matter if the standard case can be used in series or vehicle needs to construct specialized vehicle that meets the customer's individual requirements - a company Fliegl both options without any problems. Together with our experienced staff, we are aware of the external of your needs in terms of vehicles, the result and calculate all possible ways, and thus with their clients find an optimal solution for the long term, secure investments, technical construct and built on the latest technologies to your requirements in our vehicles and our solutions are our everyday is always an incentive to be a little better.

Despite the large increase in turnover in 2006. year, the company still has Fliegl manufacturer, who remain loyal to their customers. This means high-quality products at affordable prices and no technical development, the customer is not required in the future for the entire output, appearing on Fliegl factory, the customer will view the most important factor in the development - particularly for commercial vehicles should be given the benefit of our customers. In addition, the future will not be created excessive bureaucracy. Personal contact between staff and you, the client request a hearing and understanding in 2007. year will be the company's most important basic principle - the customer's benefit and safety of long-term investment in a well-designed products.



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