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Age characteristics
Innovations, which facilitates the transport!

A revolutionary innovation and cunning individual component solutions Fliegl company since 1988. the beginning of the year has been considerably facilitated the transportation of goods.

A large part of the innovative equipment, today is the standard. In addition, a significant design ideas have been taken over by other manufacturers. Only in rare instances, these copies reached Fliegl original quality.

Fliegl Highly skilled workers and professionals caring for you and the quality of technical innovations can be used immediately. This facilitates the transport of goods, making it safer and increases profitability.


A new bridge and entrance easement Fliegl

The goal was to establish our clients as a pleasant waiting area. By elegantly curved stairs the visitor enters the enlarged foyer area, where it is expected at the broad gate, and then served in adjacent negotiating and waiting rooms.
By using our waiting room of existing communication tools, the waiting time is significantly reduced - perhaps to learn the latest information.


Spring Day Fliegl developed a 'Host trailers' with many thought-components.

In addition, steer able axles, rear camera, integrated boarding ladder, and a new spare wheel fixing the floor is protected by a steel plate and extend the cargo can be strengthened through the SpanSet system.


Container chassis all containers up to 45 feet. Drive without a special permission by the whole of Europe!

Trailer no. 1 tests in relation to operating costs, structure and chassis.


Ultra Light-Coil - the lightest semi-trailer market. Weight unladen only 5 300 kg!



Ultralight trailer building materials - more loaded less drive!


Electrical distribution boxes without the operation without maintenance.

Today: Fliegl standard on all vehicles.


Fat track assembly dumpers largest Dumping stability and optimal weight distribution.

Today: a standard for all Fliegl dumpers.


Fat track ultralight trailer chassis for optimal weight distribution.

Today: Standard Fliegl ultralight trailers. This invention Fliegl IAA 2004 as a competitor was presented as news.


Self-aluminum frame and a perforated floor in the introduction of ultralight trailers, which means less weight, without load and a higher load capacity.

Today: Standard Fliegl ultralight trailers and are often seen on the roads.


Market before the low platform trailer with an internal width of 2 m.

Today: a standard for all Fliegl the low platform trailers.


The first pivotal mounting canvas manufacturer for rapid loading and unloading.

Today: Fliegl alternative to the use of vehicles with tarpaulins.


Screwing mounting loop flexible cargo strengthening.

Today: the world standard!


First step lessly adjustable pillars manufacturer of flexible cargo strengthening.

Today: Fliegl introduced in the standard market.


The first trailer waste disposal combined with the use of three types:

used to roll the container to the external medium and the rollers, the container-tion / taking off and as a low platform trailer.
Today: is acquits himself Fliegl product range.


The first right to low platform trailer for widespread use. Now, the stone palette, or construction containers can be loaded over the loading platform.

Today: this Fliegl an innovation has been recognized in the market.


Fliegl is the first manufacturer who cinko its low level platform trailer chassis.

Today is a full range of vehicles, which are hot-galvanized to ensure long-term ministry.
This Fliegl innovative competitors introduced and heavily advertised, only 10 years later.


The first perforated (LoadLock) beam manufacturer of flexible cargo strengthening.

Today: Fliegl mega trailers standard equipment and as an alternative to all the curtain-type trailers. This Fliegl innovation of today is a recognized market.


Fliegl invents the conical industrial truck cargo box, complete, rapid emptying it.

Today: a standard for all Fliegl dumpers. This Fliegl an innovation has been recognized in the market.



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