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Company’s history
The production of Fliegl vehicle in 16 years Triptis / Tīringenē

2007. Fliegl Company expanded its administrative buildings. Thus, not only was creating a new, modern office space, but, at the waiting area, was created a pleasant atmosphere to customers.

Using a waiting room available means of communication, customers have the opportunity to learn the latest information and to receive important announcements about road traffic.
It was built in shower and bathroom facilities, so that the drivers who have been in a long time, is an opportunity to freshen up.

Company Fliegl in 2007 re-organized some activities. Open doors day in May was welcome to get more information about our company. Excursion in our new factory II and straight communication with our workers created a big interest in visitors.

2007. Fliegl year reached a new record level of training. When taking more than 27 apprentices across a wide range of fields, it is now being trained skilled workers, who are specialist places will be filled in our company. In connection with this we decided to organize the first information days for pupils in 03.11.2007. Thus, all are able to obtain information on the qualifications the opportunities the company.

By participating in the exhibition BAUMA 2007, the company Fliegl continued success of previous exhibitions.
"BAUMA as the leading international exhibition of construction vehicles to us as an exhibitor again acquitted himself," it says Helmuts Fliegls. "On the one hand, we as a heavily export oriented manufacturer of an important international factor, on the other hand the visitors the quality is significantly higher than in many other exhibitions. Negotiating with the number of visitors-specialists significantly outperforming those of other exhibitions. And with our innovative products and services for the vehicles we are also in this exhibition have been able to conclude a good and interesting business - in short: the exhibition, we were fully successful, "the tutor.

We're winners!

More than 75% of the vote, this unique event and Fliegl Udo Heidenreich experienced by participating in "betting the lorry" 168. transmission of Freiburg in 2007. On 31. March. They were sensational at the betting: Udo Heidenreich the lorry was driving along the two tension cables. As he crossed the port of Bremen, and thus the 75% public votes was chosen as the winner. Period of Heidenreicham with his car was driven over the port of Bremen water, was 106 meters long. The main difficulty Heidenreicham cause of retaining the balance as the wind effects on the vehicle's large space is very high. Despite these difficulties, Heidenreichs game won the challenge.

2006. Fliegl year the company was associated with many innovations. The most significant of these was' The Host trailer 'and Vario V3 container landing gear presentation. These two vehicles were first displayed Exhibition IAA 06. Since the introduction of the customers they have received very positive feedback.
As early as 2006. spring Fliegl kits together with the choice of a German newspaper's readers produced a 'Host trailer' prototypes. What distinguishes this vehicle from the others are small, but thoughtful details, which facilitates the daily work. Because in addition to the equipment such as steering axles, rear camera, integrated boarding stairs and easy access to spare wheel on the floor are specially protected by the extension of the steel plate and the load can be strengthened through the SpanSet system. This vehicle is exactly in line with their economic expectations, which is an important good equipment, low operating costs and substantial safety features. Customers highly appreciated the 'Host trailer' equipment, which facilitates the daily work of the manager.
Great interest among customers caused by the new container landing gear V3. It is adjustable chassis, which is now capable of a full addition to the chassis positioned to move the containers from the stern to the middle. Thus, the customer simple way without complicated techniques or pneumatic reaches that always ensures the required 25% of semi-trailer coupling the pressure on the driving shaft. Designed for 1 x 20-foot container for transportation to the aft motor moved median line, 1 x 30 feet, 2 x 20 feet, as well as the 40-foot and 45 foot container for transportation, this chassis is suitable for use for any purpose. Despite remove option, its unladen weight is only 5 900 kg, and thus it has a high load capacity. Many discussions also show that the company Fliegl in developing this solution, to the satisfaction of many customers' desire for a simple, mechanical devices and containers remove is reconstruct proper vehicle.

Similarly, in 2006. The new dump trucks due to the generation of constructive change, and using new materials, it became even easier. Cars with 27 m3 tipper high perdurable capacity of aluminum alloy, it is even more resistant to wear. In addition, the entire weight of the vehicle without a load is only 4 800 kg, and it is under the high load capacity. In spite of the materials used, a semi-industrial truck as compared to structures entirely out of aluminum is available on the better price, but through the heavy conditions, it is considerably more stable and damage in repair costs is lower.

There is still a large general cargo transport market is represented by the curtain-type semi-trailers. By Fliegl vehicle transport operators have all the advantages of robust design of a low mass, simple operation, low maintenance and repair costs and long operating life. By Fliegl curtain type trailers clients receiving long-term investment guarantee! This is an important aspect in the light of an ever growing market demands. Fliegl chassis is fitted with a perforated frame. This makes it possible to strengthen the freight more points than it allows the cargo space for the mounting location. Thus, holes in the external frame makes it possible to strengthen the mounting straps on the outside of the frame along the long-range 170 mm. With these mounting locations 30 mm diameter of the load is also strengthened when it is interrupted because of its size on the loading platform of the mounting location. Additional details of the equipment shall provide security within DCE 9.5 directive, and thus allows you to optimally consolidate freight. Of course, it is possible to receive a curtain-type semi-trailer and with certification according to VDI 2700.
With these new developments and focusing on mass production, the company Fliegl his good name, derived from the individual vehicles produced in small numbers are also ported to the industrial mass production. With the new factory Triptis Fliegl demonstrate their ownership of two major competitors. Customers have taken a new dimension to the construction of trailers and is appreciated by the large influx of orders in 2006. year.

In September 2005, the society was formally inaugurated a new factory. Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH II opened a new plant in the northern industrial district. 5.1 million euros, of which only 1.1 million on site preparations, it was invested in more than 6 000 m2 large hangar and warehouse area. In this new construction export volume up 80%, will be produced and 5 000 for semi-trailers per year. At full load this will generate up to 120 additional jobs. The new company's territory to buildings located in the immediate vicinity of motorways A4, a separate Highway exit to the new factories were built in the later phases. More than 30 ha large undertaking is produced semi-trailers. Given modern production Fliegl able to take large orders of similar quality and fast as the individual. Thus Fliegl is one of the few manufacturers in Germany who are able to meet the customers' expectations that differ from the large batch manufacturing standards. Since September here in large numbers are produced in batches, curtain-type semi- Containers chassis and dumpers. Basically this is the so-called "transverse mounting" which was designed and implemented the company Fliegl. According to the chassis 298 m long and up to 98 m hangar Plataus not deployed as normal lengthwise but crosswise. In addition, a special role is quality. "Fault tolerance of 0%, so high are the requirements herein shall be established and the production of evidence and every day anew.
2004. In order to ensure product quality in the future, 2004. was built in one more production hangar Triptis. The production of the sliding floor for future vehicles, the European-wide telephone advice line installation to customers and other measures to modernize and retrofit factory Triptis 2004. The investment required a 10 million euros.
2002. In Barcelona / Spain founders Fliegl Iberica 12 employees currently working, and it supplies to commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment for all Spain and Portugal. Only 13 years Fliegl the company has expanded, becoming one of the few full-service range of bidders in Germany. Since its foundation, its location Triptis has invested more than 7 million euros. These investments are offset by good growth rates, only in 2004. financial year Fliegl team was able to achieve turnover growth of 28%. Certified products, the success of car-testing master Udo Heidenreicha sponsorship, in addition to the selling partner in Baltic States, Fliegl Group success is based on the quality of the pan-European service, and especially to the vast array of products.
2001. year is a solemn opening of the new customer center Triptis. 2 000 m2 large over roofed staging area customers can quietly and independently of weather conditions to assess all types of vehicles. At the same time, here are organized for training and information activities of traders and customers. Taking into account the Czech market development, the Foundation of Fliegl CZ s.r.o Krnov.

1999. In just eight years after the company's founding Triptis are made for more than 1 000 heavy vehicles per year. The increased production volume requires additional storage space 10 000 m2 in area, the administration is being restructured and strengthened. In the same year begins with close cooperation with the importer in Ukraine, as well as in Italy. The other partners are covered to the French, Spanish and Portuguese markets. Production is extended to apply to vehicles with trailers, specialized hangar 3 200 m2 in area. Also, repair and maintenance areas are adapted to the requirements of constructing a maintenance hangar beam straightening equipment, as well as completing an automatic truck washing line.

1998. My own rental department. More than 200 vehicles, covering the whole array of products and thereby help overcome the difficulties.
1997. In Fliegl include in its product range and container transport in the Czech market is widely covered by the additional trading partners. To be able to offer customers more services and greater flexibility in creating the Fliegl group.
1995. In Triptis is the first semi-manufactured platforms. Eastern proximity, their customer bases and requirements of the appropriate design and technologies affect this new industry is developing extremely well. Fliegl group of high export share of production was taken into account, in addition to establishing a sales agency in Poland and the Czech Republic.
1994. The product range is supplemented with a combined container and trailers.

1992. The production was supplemented by all kinds of trailers with a low platform. "Prosperity East" and the ensuing demand for construction vehicles caused such a high demand, the same year, the preparation of components was set up another company. Abda / Hungary was set up steel plant in the chassis and components, as well as the manufacture of dump trucks, which were immediately put into operation. To this day, there's all the parts are used in the manufacture and Triptis Töging. Below Fliegl Kft. / Abda free units are also sales and service center for many Eastern European countries. A further 10 000 m2 undertaking Triptis can be obtained in 1993. year, in conjunction with further expansion to the East was a necessary addition to the production and storage capacity. It has also been extended outlet structure: Bosko Fliegl srl / Romania and Slovakia Komarno Fliegl took over sales and service in these countries.
1991. In Fliegl group, originally based in Kastlā / Oberbayern, took over 120 000 m2 large enterprise sites. Already after a short time could be formally inaugurated new production HANGARS 18 000 m2 in area and storage hangars 3 500 m2 in area, and immediately began a small platform dump trucks and trailer manufacturing.

Looking ahead Fliegl trailers will be used in the manufacture of steel. The trend to switch to an aluminum chassis Fliegl group outpu will not express t. In particular, dump trucks and low-platform vehicle manufacturing steel its strength because of the long-term use, it is considerably safer and stronger than aluminum. Fliegl used higher in the resistant specialty steels and with their own unique chassis construction, or nearly reached the aluminum vehicle weight - at a much lower material costs. Ultralight vehicles with a steel chassis is even lighter than the identical model with an aluminum chassis, while also significantly more stable and in case of damage can be repaired without a costly special tools.

Looking ahead Fliegl trailers will be used in the manufacture of steel. The trend to switch to an aluminum chassis Fliegl group output will not express. In particular, dump trucks and low-platform vehicle manufacturing steel its strength because of the long-term use, it is considerably safer and stronger than aluminum. Fliegl used higher in the resistant specialty steels and with their own unique chassis construction, or nearly reached the aluminum vehicle weight - at a much lower material costs. Ultralight vehicles with a steel chassis is even lighter than the identical model with an aluminum chassis, while also significantly more stable and in case of damage can be repaired without a costly special tools.



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